Thursday, January 26, 2012

31 Weeks!

9 Weeks to go...crazy that we are in the single digits...we are extremely excited to meet our little girl. She is always moving, not quite sure when she sleeps, but all of her activity reassures me that she is doing well =). Although, I do have to admit watching your stomach move is a bit freaky...Nate thinks its gross to watch, but doesn't mind feeling my stomach. I was blessed with awesome genetics (sarcasm) and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I get to eat a low carb diet until she arrives and prick my finger four times a day to test my sugar levels...its been a little over a week and to be honest it has not been that bad. Other than that, nothing else has changed, getting bigger and bigger by the day and slowly getting closer to a completed nursery =). Here are a few pictures of our purchases in the last few weeks and a picture of me at 31 week

My lovely friend Kels told me there was a deal at gap on onesies...went a little overboard!

Had to buy a couple Bengals items for our precious daughter =)

The belly at 31 weeks!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Nursery

Since we found out officially that we are having a little girl things have been coming together. We have all of the furniture put together and I went with Bekah to pick out the material for the bedding. Bekah has been so kind to make the bedding for me since I am so picky and wanted a unique room. The only guidelines that I got from Nate was that he did not want a pink room. So, I came home with a teal paisley and mustard yellow paisley material, not his favorite but he is going to deal with it =). Nate's mom came over and painted the room! Bless her heart...Nate and I both are not big fans of painting. Now we can let the decorating begin. Below are a few pictures of Baby Girl's room. Enjoy! 11 weeks away...I cannot believe it!

A couple onesies I bought when I was registering....the strawberry on the bottom is the best!

Tried to get a better image of Baby Girl because the last ones were too dark

A few things that I had in my room growing up that we will pass along to baby girl

The color of the walls that Kathy painted....bright and cheery!

The crib that my amazing husband put together all by himself =)

Our Friday night date a couple of weeks ago..putting together the changing table

Finally the fabrics that I have chosen...not too girly..we will also have white to calm the busy patterns...I cannot wait to see the bedding completed...Thanks Bekah!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

28 Weeks

At our 28 week appointment baby GIRL Stultz decided to finally cooperate. We are so excited and can't wait to start planning the nursery (well, I'm excited for that part =)). The appointment went well and the baby is measuring about 2 pounds 11 ounces (61%) already above average =). Below are a couple pictures of the baby (her profile and a 3d picture). She is already pretty shy, it took her awhile to take her hand away from her face.

Her cute little profile!

3D picture of her face...crazy how detailed they can get!

The furniture has arrived...I will post a picture when the nursery is complete...We have put everything together, so now the painting of the room begins!

Since a lot of you are not able to see my giant belly grow...her is a picture of me at 28 weeks! Most people say I look small (in person), but the doctor told me today that my stomach measurements are actually measuring a couple weeks ahead...that doesn't mean much though he said!