Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trip to the Coast

In between two weddings, we took a little family vacation to the coast.  We had a blast and Reese was an amazing little traveler (very surprised if you have ever been in the car with her, she hates to be strapped in).  There was a lot of driving involved and lots of breweries to visit, but Reese was a champ. She went to her first zoo (Portland Zoo) and rode on her first carousel (in Seaside).  Reese also got to spend a weekend with her Grammie while Nate and I enjoyed a weekend in Portland.  Nate and I are both horrible at taking pictures so we do not have much from our family vacation......any thoughts or suggestions for a camera that is not too spendy? Suggestions open =).

In the last week or so, Reese loves going to the park and is obsessed with slides, so fun to watch her little daredevil side coming out.  We are also working on jumping =), and saying her name, crazy to think that she is almost 17 months old.

Self portrait =)

Loves the park

Loves to climb

crazy hair

Icicle brewery in Leavenworth

Fort George Brewery in Astoria

Loved playing in the wardrobe at the hotel

First carousel ride

The Zoo

Reese's first pair of Nikes

Picking berries and playing at Grammies

A couple videos of Reese going down the slides and practicing her jumping1