Friday, March 1, 2013

11 Months

Our Crazy Munchkin is 11 months old. She is still active as ever and has turned into quite the chatty Kathy and loves playing in her room and pulling her books off her shelf and her clothes out of her drawers.  She has not ventured away from furniture or with the help of me or Nate to walk with her. She gets quite the kick out of seeing how fast she can crawl. Reese loves to go up and down the stairs. She would do it all day if you let her.  New words of the month are "Hi" and 'Wow" although I think she thinks she is saying way more. She is such an animated little girl. She loves to see pictures and videos...especially of her and still enjoys watching sports on TV and shaking her booty to music.  Crazy to think Reese is almost 1. A big month for us, Reese turning one and Reese excited to meet her baby cousin that has the same due date as Reese did (CRAZY!!!). We shall see when Miss Baby Washington arrives.  A few pictures of the past month.

Loves climbing into her drawers

Pouting while eating a cracker

Look at my teeth

Picture sent to dad while he was at work

Valentines Day

Reading a book on positive discipline

destruction of her room

11 months

her vice....she loves her thumb when she sleeps