Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1st half of Summer

It has been so nice having the summer off with the girls (well most days). Some days are incredibly rough with a 3 year old and a little girl that is a new walker.  Although we are on a pretty good routine, which is very helpful. The girls love going to the gym while I workout. It is nice to have some "me" time. They also are going to daycare once a week to play with their friends and to give me some time to run errands, have appointments, etc... We have gone to the park with friends and also Nate and I had the chance to go to San Diego to visit some friends while the girls stayed with my mom. They had a blast and we enjoyed our time away =).  Crazy to think summer vacation is coming to an end, but looking forward to the month of August...lots of changes coming our way!

If I take a picture of Avery, Reese needs a picture too =)

The Perrine Family stopped through Spokane to visit

Avery LOVES her granola bars

A little science fun at the park

yay for sunny summers

Audobon park in the big fireplace 

Avery does like to eat.....once in awhile

Reese loved her swim lessons

The swim lesson crew