Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Newborn Pictures and 2 Year pictures

Our friend took newborn pictures and 2 year pictures of the girls. Of course Avery and Reese were both having off days, but he managed to get a few cute pictures. Thanks Mike!!!

Visit from my side of the family

My family finally made it over to Spokane to meet Avery and play with Reese. My sister and niece were able to come visit for a week from Utah and my mom and dad both snuck in a visit during the week as well.  Avery got quite the attention with lots of snuggles. Reese was excited to see her grandparents, but struggled a little with sharing her toys with Alaina (only about a year apart).  Oh the joys of a 2 year old. We enjoyed playing outside, going on walks, planting flowers, playing with play-dough and puzzles, and just lounging around.  We cannot wait to see them again soon! ( I am terrible at taking pictures, hopefully my mom and sister will send me some pictures =()

Cousin Love

Grammie and Reese playing with play-dough

1 Month

Our little Avery girl is one month old, crazy how fast time flies. She continues to be such a joy and a very easy going baby. She loves her sister and enjoys listening to songs Reese sings to her.  Just like her sister we have ended up going with formula. It is just easier for all of us and makes me more at ease that I know she is getting enough food. Avery eats every 3-4 hours during the day and every 4-5 hours a night.  At night she loves to be swaddled with one arm out and enjoys listening to her seahorse to help her fall asleep.  She still has quite the hair and a more olive tone skin, but is looking just like her sister when Reese was her age.

1 month milestones- Can't wait to see what this month has in store for her!
Rolled over from her tummy to her back
smiles =)

Reese singing to Avery

One month picture

NFL draft day! She was very excited!

Avery loves the bouncy chair and swing!

Left to get Avery a bottle, came back to this (Reese said she was poopy)
Eating lunch outside while Avery is napping 

Mommy and Reese time with stickers
 Helping daddy mow

Watching sports with dad

Reese said Avery needed blankets and her teddy bear!

sound asleep

first time in her crib at night at 2 weeks, she is doing great and so am I =)