Monday, April 15, 2013


Easter was a busy day. Nate was not with us, but Reese and I made the drive to meet Alaina and to also celebrate Easter with my family.  The morning started out with going to church with my mom ( my mom enjoyed showing off Reese=)). After church, we went and had an Easter egg hunt with my dad and some of Reese's cousins and from there went and had dinner and another Easter egg hunt with  more of Reese's cousins. It was a beautiful, exhausting day.

Reese's first Easter basket

Reese with her cousins (Grayson, Miley, Kellen)

Happy Easter Morning

Showing off her new shades

Reese on her Easter egg hunt

Alaina has arrived

After a few days of labor, my sister finally gave birth to my beautiful niece Alaina Grace born on March 29, 2013. I do have to say that our family has some pretty beautiful girls in our family =). My sister is a natural. She looks so comfortable and from talking to her she seems like she is enjoying being a mommy. I am sure going to miss them when they move to Salt Lake City, but I guess that is what Skype is for. While I enjoyed holding a brand new baby, Reese was not so sure she liked the idea. She wanted to pull her hair and slap her face. A few pictures of meeting little Miss Alaina.

First picture that was sent to me =)

Sleeping baby

So content

First meeting =)...Love her!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

1 Year Photo Shoot

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend is mighty difficult these days to get Reese to stay in one spot.

1 Year!!!!

I cannot believe it has been a year already, time has gone by so fast. We have been so blessed with such a bubbly, spunky, happy little girl. She seems to be changing by the day. She has no idea what stranger danger means and says hi and smiles to everyone she sees....especially at stores.

Reese was one lucky girl and had 3 birthday parties in the past week, she was not too sure about the presents but definitely loves cake and being the center of attention.  She received lots of fun toys and some adorable summer and fall clothes. She is one spoiled little girl!

She is talking more and more every day, just not necessarily saying words, but she is definitely chatty and extremely animated.

Words at 1: Hi, mama, dadda, whats that, uh-oh, oh wow, oh boy, nigh-nigh (when she is tired)
Signs: more, all done, still working on please and thank you =)

Surprisingly Reese is still not walking, she will walk along furniture and push things all over the house, walk holding on to our fingers, but has no interest in walking by herself. She will take 2-3 steps on her own, but would much rather crawl.

So proud of herself

Stands like a is she was just brave enough to walk

First born, 1 year

Yummy Cake

Singing Happy Birthday

Likes to use her mouth as a third hand