Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7 months

We love our Avery girl =). This month she is working on her cheesy smile, attempting to eat some meat (loves her cereal, fruits and veggies), crawling all over the place (army crawl) and standing. Avery is not much of a sitter, she would rather lay down and or is on the move. She is down to 2 naps a day most days and is still working on getting a tooth through (lots of drooling and gnawing on things). She absolutely loves her sister and always has the biggest smiles for Nate and me.  I am excited for the holiday seasons with her.

busy in her crib, took off her bumper and somehow got it to the other side of her crib.

My girls

scooting =)

cuddles with mom

cousin time

7 months!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Pictures from Fall

Me and my girls =)

Windy Avery

Telling us this pumpkin is "too heaby (heavy)"

Wanted to get every kind of pumpkin

Avery just chilling in the stroller =)

Reese's first run (Monster Dash) She as so proud of herself!

Running towards the finish line

Finished with Tess

Playing with Tess while I did my 5K

Carving Pumpkins (Reese's first time)

Reese working hard at "drawing" her pumpkin face

Avery enjoying her toys while we carved pumpkins

Finished product!

Reese had quite the Halloween week with fun times at daycare, trick or treated at my school Halloween morning and trick or treated with friends at night! She had a blast!
The Daycare Crew
 Trick or treating with me at school!

Telling us her pumpkin was really "heaby"

Our little Doc McStuffins and Tiger =)