Thursday, December 29, 2016


Christmas was a little different this year. Because of my work schedule we were unable to travel to the West side to be with my family the weekend before Christmas. It was strange not being around my family for the holidays. We celebrated Christmas Eve with Nate's parents and had soup and we shared a few gifts.  We spent Christmas morning at home opening gifts and then went to Nate's sisters house for Christmas dinner.  It was very nice and the girls had so much fun playing with their cousins.  My mom, Paul, and grandparents came over to spend a couple days with us. The girls had fun showing off their new toys, being silly, having dance parties, doing puzzles and going out to eat at The Flying Goat. It was great to have them here.

Opened Princess Fairy costumes and Disney figurines from Grandpa and Gigi on Christmas Eve

Opened Rapunzel Legos from the Lentz family =)

SANTA came!!!

Christmas Morning

Avery and her bedhead =)

Mermaid Tail!

Gotta love Minnie Mouse

Reese got a lot of clothes for Christmas, so she was excited to get some toys for her kitchen =)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Puzzle time with Old Papa and Granny =)

Christmas Festivities

Of course I did not take any pictures over Thanksgiving, but Reese had a project from preschool that she had to disguise a turkey so it would not get eaten on Thanksgiving day. She chose to do a glitter princess. We also got to visit with friends a few days before Thanksgiving. The girls had fun playing with Audrey.

Our annual visit to see Santa. Reese told him she wanted a doll house and that Avery wanted Minnie mouse stuff (Avery would not talk to him, but did not mind sitting on his lap).

Reese's 1st Christmas program with her preschool. It was a little hectic and I had a hard time getting a picture.

Reese's present she made at preschool =)

The girls had a blast decorating their gingerbread houses with their cousins.

We went to the North Pole again to make sure the girls were on the nice list from Santa and of course were. The girls had a blast with their friend Stella.

Disney On Ice

I brought both girls to Disney on Ice this year. They loved it. Reese enjoyed all of the princesses of course and Avery loved Minnie mouse and Elsa =).

So excited for the show to start

Fall Festivities

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch with Sam and Stella picking pumpkins and apples =)

Avery is the only one who would feed the goats, Reese and Stella said they stunk

Apple picking

The girls decided to paint their pumpkins this year and add sticker art to their pumpkins. They were so proud of the finished product.

The girls love Halloween. The girls came to my work and did a kiddie trick or treat around the school. Reese was a little hesitant, but Avery was all about saying trick or treat and getting candy =). We followed our tradition for the 3rd year in a row and had friends over  for dinner and then went trick or treating together. The kids had a blast.
Visiting me at work

Stella (Pumpkin Fairy), Reese (Daisy Duck), Avery (Minnie Mouse)

Oh Minnie

Oh Daisy

The girls with their buddies Jack and Lee

Reese as a Peacock at her Ballet class