Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Festivities

Of course I did not take any pictures over Thanksgiving, but Reese had a project from preschool that she had to disguise a turkey so it would not get eaten on Thanksgiving day. She chose to do a glitter princess. We also got to visit with friends a few days before Thanksgiving. The girls had fun playing with Audrey.

Our annual visit to see Santa. Reese told him she wanted a doll house and that Avery wanted Minnie mouse stuff (Avery would not talk to him, but did not mind sitting on his lap).

Reese's 1st Christmas program with her preschool. It was a little hectic and I had a hard time getting a picture.

Reese's present she made at preschool =)

The girls had a blast decorating their gingerbread houses with their cousins.

We went to the North Pole again to make sure the girls were on the nice list from Santa and of course were. The girls had a blast with their friend Stella.

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