Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Showers

We are very blessed to have such amazing family and friends. These last two weeks were a whirlwind with three amazing baby showers. Baby girl is already one spoiled little princess. Nate cannot believe how much stuff she already has. Last weekend my cousin Molly, sister Katie, and friends Jill and Lori all helped put on an amazing shower on the Westside. Then on Friday my wonderful coworkers put on a shower for me after school, lots of cute clothes from all of them. Then today was another great shower hosted by my mother in law and friends Heather and Kelly. I cannot thank all of these ladies enough for all that they did for me and baby girl. We are very lucky. Below are a few pictures of the showers!

The Westside Shower

My sister, me, and my mom at my shower on the Westside!

Me, Kiesha and Rachel (she is due May 1)

My dad's side of the family (aunts and cousins)

Yummy cupcakes that I got to watch everyone eat =)

The pink and brown candy bar!!!

The diaper cake made by Molly!

The Spokane Shower
The yummy brunch food!
The little lady bug themed candy bar

Opening presents....I love being the center of attention! (sarcasm)

Playing Games!

Heather and Kelly (awesome friends from my Masters program) Only missing Kelly I, but we will see you in April =)

I cannot believe in about 4 weeks she will be here. I am still having ultrasounds and weekly appointments with my doctor. Everything is looking good, but she is still incredibly shy. The ultrasound tech has tried for the last two weeks to get a cute picture of her face, but she always turns her head or covers her face with her hands (not sure if that is being modest or stubborn). If she does not come by her due date, I will be induced that Friday or Saturday because my doctor does not want her cooking too long =). Besides my belly getting bigger by the day, I have also been blessed with swelling. My hands and feet are turning into giant sausages. Nate thinks it is funny and laughed last night for about five minutes and kept saying, "My wife has cankles!" Something I hoped to never get, but Welcome To Pregnancy I guess. Below are a few pictures of her very messy room and me just over 35 weeks.

35 1/2 weeks...not sure my belly can stretch much more!
2 quilts and 3 blankets made by friends and family....she sure is loved!

Her bedding made by Bekah!!!! Thanks Bekah!!!

The start of her clothes pile....did not realize I need to get special laundry detergent!

All of the diapers Nate and I have stocked up on and then from the diaper raffle from the shower in Spokane!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

33 Weeks

Well 7 weeks to go...crazy to think that she is almost here. I am now starting my weekly ultrasounds and appointments with my doctor to make sure that baby girl isn't getting too big or isn't too distressed with the diabetes....everything looked great today she scored an 8 out of 8 on her biophysical test (apparently that is the test babies have when the mom has gestational diabetes)....she is weighing a little over 4 pounds and according to the doctor she is in the 62nd percentile. Although, he did walk in and say well your baby is a bit on the larger side weighing at about 6 pounds 14 expression on my face must have been priceless, he just laughed and then told me the real weight...thank God she is not that big. I got a few pictures of her, but they are hard to see....I got to see her practicing her breathing, opening her eyes, but of course she was super modest and would not let us get a good view of her little face. The ultrasound tech. did say that she already has some hair on head, but the picture is hard to see =). We are excited for all of our showers in a couple weeks!!! Here is a couple pictures of me at 33 weeks!!!

Front view (to me I do not look quite as big this way)

Side view (I look huge!!!)