Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let Summer Begin!

Whew, it has been a couple months since I have posted anything. I was not prepared to deal with absolute craziness at work after spring break. Last year after spring break I was on maternity leave so I did not have to deal with the checked out students. But, we made it through. I work with amazing people that make going to work easy, even when our students are a little tough =). Now, let summer begin (full time mommy!). I am so excited to spend the summer with Reese. She is such a spunky, energetic little girl and LOVES to be outside. I am sure we will be taking lots of walks and going to the park often.  Nate is still super busy at work, especially since summer is right around the corner, but looking forward to family time during the days =).  Here are a few pictures over the last couple of months. Sorry for the amount of pictures....I will try to be better at least posting some pictures =)

Sneaky Reese...loves to pull clothes out of drawers

She knows she is a girl I guess

All ready for a car ride in the sun

Grammie, Aunt Katie, and Alaina came to visit in May

Mothers day

Citrus Lane present....great idea, Reese loves getting presents

Cuddling with dad

Loves to read

Reese's first picture

Alaina 2 months old (niece)

My seniors (yay they made it!)

We have a climber

The clan for Kellys (far left) bridal shower

Reese came to school with me on the last day! She loved it!

Color Me Rad Run- Before


Always into something

Loves spaghetti squash =)