Thursday, February 27, 2014

32 weeks!

Well I have made it to 8 months. This pregnancy is starting to be quite different than Reese. My stomach feels huge and it is starting to hurt to walk. I feel like she cannot get any bigger, although she is not measuring big and my stomach is not measuring big anymore either which is good.  I have had contractions the last couple weeks which is not very fun. My doctor said unless I have at least 6 in an hour that it is pretty common, so hoping these last 7 weeks will go by fast =).  My diabetes is still doing well, I have not had to go on medicine yet which is nice, hoping that I can make it the entire pregnancy without going on medicine.

Reese is doing well and saying more and more new stuff by the day, her new favorite saying, (as she taps her pointer finger on her chin) "hmmmm, lets see" I was just reminded today of how blessed we truly are with her. The daycare that she goes to twice a week commented on how well and calm mannered she is. Always nice to hear from other people. Crazy to think that she is going to be 2 in a few weeks!

32 weeks! Not sure I can get much bigger!

Reese enjoying a low carb dinner (steak and broccoli) Also watching Caillou because I was not feeling that great!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

30 weeks

30 weeks, so exciting! We cannot wait to meet baby girl. We still have not completely decided on a name, but we are getting closer =). I had a doctors appointment on Monday and little miss was measuring a little over 3 lbs. which is in the 48%, which is a good thing. My belly measurement is measuring big, so it is good to know that she is not huge....I am terrified of having to give birth to a giant baby! The Dr. did tell me that if I do not have her by 39 weeks that I will be induced. So with that, the new due date is April 18, the longer I get to work the better for us =), even though I am ready to be done now =). Little miss is very active just like Reese, so I am curious to see her little personality and squeeze her little cheeks. Below are pictures of me at 30 weeks and a couple 3D pictures of her little face with her little squishy cheeks!

Baby girls face and her little cheeks

30 weeks

Reese is doing well and is such a fun, spunky little girl. She is talking more and more and is starting to ask more and more questions (over and over). Here are a few pictures of Reese from the last couple of weeks.

Looking at her curls

Obsessed with the potty...I think it might be time, apparently her baby had to go potty Reese said

Reese's valentines painting

Loves her breakfast smoothies

Likes to take off her jammies