Saturday, April 16, 2016


We had a very calm Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt inside and then went to Nate's parents for a yummy lamb dinner. The girls and I decorated Easter eggs and the girls had a blast.

Avery is 2!

I cannot believe Avery is 2! She is definitely not quiet, but on the other hand does not talk too much still.  Reese does all of the talking for her.  She is quite the silly little girl.

Loves: Snacks (anything junk food), strawberries, most fruit, cuddling, being held, carnation instant breakfast, looking pretty, walking, being independent, waving to EVERYONE!, sleeping, taking naps, and her thumb.

Dislikes: Eating 3 solid meals, hates being said Bye to if she does not get to go with, when you do not understand her (pretty easy since she does not say much), not being able to use your phone to take pictures.

4 and 2!!!

Mike (good friend of Nate and I) always does such great pictures for our family. Here are a few of the girls' 4 year and 2 year photo shoot.

Cannon Beach

We made a little family vacation out of going down to Cannon Beach for Jessica and Todd's wedding. We are so happy that they are married and excited to see their new adventures as a family of 6 =).


  Cannon beach was quite the drive, but we made it and the girls had a blast.  It was a nice little get away to start the spring =).

Morning adventures

headed to the tide pools

checking out the ocean with Grandpa and Grandma

Always wanting to walk by herself

Play time with friends and cousins

Mom and Reese walk

Reese loving the ocean

Cheers to Jess the night before the wedding

Avery did not know what to think about the ocean the first night

Haystack Rock on a morning run

Reese's Birthday

Holy Cow! Reese is 4. We have enjoyed our 4 years with her so much. She enjoys being with family, playing, puzzles, coloring, and being a girl.  She is definitely still our strong willed, energetic, emotional, dramatic little girl.  We love you to the moon and back with both of our eyes Reesers!

Frozen balloons

Frozen themed of course

Toss the snowball game

Reese wanted a ice cream party with her friends

Reese and Avery with Jack and Lee

Happy Birthday

Reese and her friends at her friend birthday celebration

Reese and Liam

Elsa cake

Flower treats for Reese to share at daycare for her birthday

What Reese bought when she went shopping to spend the gift card that Grandpa and Gigi bought her