Wednesday, October 2, 2013

18 Months

I cannot believe our little girl is 18 months old. She has been such a joy! Watching her grow and become her own little person is so fun. Reese started going to an in-home daycare twice a week and she absolutely loves it. Nate and I still are not a huge fan of having her in daycare, but we know that she needs to interact with other kiddos her age and it is good for her to be away once in awhile from Mom and Dad =). She is still such a mommy's girl (which I love) Going back to work this month has been a bit rough on her, but I think she is finally getting used to me being gone all day, she is definitely not as needy when I get home from work. This first couple of weeks the moment I walked in the door, she wanted up and she could not be out of my sight.

18 month check up: Weight: 23 lbs. (40%)
                             Height: 33 1/4 inches (88%)
                             12 teeth

The doctor said she is a happy and strong little girl. She still was not a big fan of shots though :(

School is going well, now finally feeling back into the groove of things. My students are awesome this year. It is going to be a great year!

A few pictures over the course of the last month.

Having a pool day before Em moved to Texas! Miss her already

Just relaxing with Dodger

A short little trip to visit Chelsea and Gunnar in Mt. Vernon

Self Portrait while visiting Aunt Katie and Alaina in Utah over Labor Day weekend

Reese testing out her new stool we won from a college friend Cody!

A little sick, but all ready for the first Sunday Football of the season!

Reese's first high school football game

Rocking her Nike outfit

Loves self portraits