Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Month

Reese is one month old....crazy how time flies...she has been such a joy to have and a wonderful addition to our family. This past week I have started to venture out more with her on my own and she has been doing great.  She has gone to her first 30th birthday celebration, to Nate's work a few times to visit Dad when he works doubles, to the store, and to a couple friends' houses to get me out of the house. Also, Aunt Katie came and visited last weekend and helped me put together a bookcase for Reese's room. Now her room is almost complete...just a couple more things to go on the wall and I think it will be complete.

Reese is still a tiny little thing. I went to the doctor because everyone was commenting on how small she is...and yes she is on the smaller end..weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz., but the doctor is not too concerned...we go back in this week to see how she is doing, otherwise I might have to start supplementing a little with formula.  She is one strong little girl...below are some of her accomplishments this month

*She has started to coo and become more and more alert every day
*She still enjoys tummy time and has rolled over 4's crazy because I do not think that should be happening quite so fast.
*She is finally enjoying her baths
*She is a great sleeper at night sleeping from about 10:30-9:30ish with usually 2 feedings in between. During the day with naps it is hit or miss, sometimes she will sleep for a couple hours other days its only about 30-45 minutes (usually when I have the most to get done =)).
*She enjoys being read to and playing with her toys (I am the one playing with them and she is just listening to the noises or watching =)

Here are a few pictures....I am terrible at taking pictures...hoping to get better =).
One month

Waiting for Aunt Katie to arrive

Checking me out

Sleeping in her cradle

In her cradle with her seahorse

Saying goodbye to Aunt Katie

Throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want to take a nap....came back fifteen minutes pacifier, unswaddled and her pants had come off....CRAZY!

Tummy Time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost 3 weeks!

I cannot believe Reese is almost three weeks old. It is crazy how fast time flies...she is doing well. She has had many visitors and is enjoying all of the company. At her two week appointment everything is looking good. She was not quite to her birth weight, but the doctor did not seem too concerned. At 2 weeks she was weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz. (25%) and was 20.5 inches (50%)...I feel she is growing so much. The doctor was amazed at how calm and alert she was at her appointment (definitely not always the case at home), she can definitely cry loudly if she is unhappy. Also, her umbilical cord has finally fallen off. We have been waiting for about a week. She does not see her doctor until her 2 month checkup.

We have officially transferred her from the pac and play in our room to her room has been rough, but she is slowly getting the hang of it (I am too), but I hear it is better in the long run. Actually last night she did great..sleeping from about 10:30 to 2:30 (had to wake her to feed her) and then went back to sleep from about I really cannot complain, she has been a trooper. Although, we still have our cuddle sessions in the morning and Nate usually cuddles with her for a little bit during the afternoon time (during his nap before he goes to work). Reese enjoys tummy time for the most part and loves watching and looking at her brothers, Megatron and Kratos.

My mom came to visit last week and it was so great to have her. Reese absolutely adored her and my mom is queen at getting her to calm down quickly. She also introduced Reese to a pacifier and a bottle. I wanted her to get used to taking a bottle because Nate and I try to have a date night about once a week. Last week Nate's parents watched her for a few hours while Nate and I went to a hockey game and they are watching her again while we go to another hockey game. Below are pictures of Reese and of all of her recent visitors (when I remember to take pictures) =).

Reese's Room

My friend Kelly's little girl with Reese

Taking a pacifier for the first time!

Wide awake after eating
My Coworker Amanda and Reese

Reese in a milk coma
Egan holding Reese at Rachel's baby shower
Happy Easter! Looking out the window and at her duckies she got from Grammie
Trying out her new cradle my dad made her!
Taking a bottle for the first time, she did great.
Cuddling with Grammie
Hanging out with Rach
My mom trying out a soothing strategy

Group picture with my friends' kiddos Maya, Iris, and Liam
Matty holding Reese