Sunday, July 20, 2014

First half of summer

I have been enjoying staying home with the girls. Reese is at such a fun age and Avery is just a trooper along for the ride =).  Reese likes to stay very busy so we have been having play dates, playing outside (she loves the outdoors), going to parks, splash pads, and just recently went to the West side to visit family.  Reese had nonstop entertainment for 4 days. I was a little nervous driving by myself with both girls, but overall it was a breeze. Avery slept most of the way and Reese was pretty good. We sang lots of songs, looked for animals, had lots of snacks, and a few stops so she could go to the bathroom.  Overall summer has been great so far, looking forward to the rest of the summer with more play dates, day trips, and hanging out with my little family.

Reese loved Aaron and Marina's wedding. She loved to dance and play in the bouncy castles at the reception

Still not quite sure what to think about splash pads

Naked girl outside

feeding the goats at point defiance

playing at grandpas house

She loved my dad's dog Odie

Reese and Grandpa time

Avery and Daddy snuggles

dirty girl

3 months already????

Crazy that Avery is 3 months old already. She continues to be a happy, smiley little girl. She is very content most of the time and only seems to cry when she is hungry or tired. So far she is a great traveler and has become quite the sleeper just like her sister. Most days she is sleeping about 12 hours a night, definitely cannot complain about that, with 3 naps (1 good nap and 2 mediocre naps).  Avery is very alert and loves to look around, kick her legs and arms and hang out on her side. She has mastered the skill of rolling over from her stomach to her back early on (about 1 month) and is getting close to rolling over from her back to her front, but often times she makes it to her side and is happy with that position.  Other firsts this month:

blowing bubbles, playing with her tongue, discovering her fists...and thumb...starting to squeal a little more, recognizing mom and dad.
Loves her tummy time

The bumbo...she likes it for a short period of time, just like her sister

All clean
 Avery meeting her cousins Layla and Faith

her preferred sleeping position

fun at point defiance zoo

3 months old!

Meeting cousins Grayson and Easton (only 1 day apart)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July

Just a few pictures of the girls on 4th of July. It was a busy day with a wedding rehearsal, hanging out with grandparents, a BBQ, lots of kids for Reese to play with and of course fireworks. Reese was obsessed with the fireworks and every time they went off she would jump up and down and yell USA, it was pretty cute.