Sunday, October 14, 2012

6 Months

Our little girl just celebrated 6 months...she is turning into quite the little ham. She is such a happy baby and rarely cries, we are truly blessed. It has been a busy month. I started back to work full time and Nate took over the daily duties with Reese. He loves hanging out with her and misses her on Fridays when she goes to my friends for the day because Nate works.

Reese is on a pretty good routine these days, sleeps about 12 hours a night and takes consistently two naps, with a cat nap occasionally in the early evenings. She is quite the mover, still not fully crawling, but is getting faster and her moves daily.

Reese did well with her 6 month check up....she had 4 shots (the first two she did great, the second two...not so much) and she weighs 13 lb. 13 oz (10%) and is 26 3/4 (90%).

Going back to work has been challenging. It has been a rough start to the year with balancing everything and trying to find some time for me (still working on that one), but I will get there.  This past weekend Nate and I went to Denver to celebrate his 30th birthday and left Reese home with Nate's parents, we both missed her so much, but she did great and enjoyed staying with them, but was so excited to see us...I have never seen her so hyper and happy =). It was a great feeling.

First this month
*Fruit (apples, bananas, pears, peaches, and prunes)
*Two teeth (bottom middle)
*Lots and lots of giggles
*Working on waving
*Loves trying to get away as fast as she can when you say..."I'm going to get you"

Reese's 6 month pictures...thanks to my friend Liz