Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 Months

Another month has come and gone....we are definitely enjoying the nice weather.  Reese loves being outside and exploring new surroundings. She is getting to be so much fun  to play with her and watch her explore. It is amazing to me how much she changes day to day, especially over the last month.  We had her four month check up today and the doctor was so impressed by her muscle control....I call her a spitfire and very active...the doctor called her motivated =). Some new things this month.

*Prefers sleeping on her stomach or side....she is quite the wiggle worm these days (sleeps consistently from 8-9 at night until 7:30-8ish) Everyone says we are lucky...I think its our parenting ;)
*Sucking her entire fist, recently has discovered her thumb!!! It is really cute, but not sure I want her to get into this habit.
*Loves playing with her feet and toys (realized she could suck on her toes too)
*Extremely alert and loves to watch people...she smiles at pretty much anyone who gives her attention, but definitely knows her mom and dad.
*Overall is a very happy baby, really only fusses when she is hungry and trying to fight taking a nap. Naps are getting better, most days she takes 3 naps ranging anywhere from 30minutes to 2 hours

Reese put on quite the show for the doctor today rolling over, standing, sucking on her toes, talking, and smiling. She is still quite the petite little girl. She is 24 3/4" tall (75th percentile) and 11.7lbs (10th percentile)..The doctor was not too concerned, but thinks it would be a good idea to swing in at 5 months to have a weight check. She recommended starting some cereal (already did =)) and thinks that maybe she would like the banana with cereal because its a little sweeter and see how she does.  

She has met a few new people this month....My friend Chelsea and her husband Jason and little guy Gunnar and our friends Mike and Amberly and their little guy Finnley, a good buddy from college Ricky, and a friend of mine Jodi.

Exhausted after a day with Jodi in CDA

Loves her books

First attempt at rice cereal

4 months

How she prefers to sleep these days

Loves her toys

Pouting, but not quite sure if she is ready for a nap

Out for a walk with mom