Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 Months

3 months already...I feel like time is really flying by.  Reese is getting so big and becoming so much more independent. We recently went and visited my family in Puyallup and Reese was able to meet all of them at a family potluck that my mom put together. I was so happy that Reese was finally able to meet them. We also just went to Leavenworth for one of Nate's childhood buddy's weddings. Reese was a champ and did great. I enjoy Leavenworth, but Nate was not a big fan, kind of a bah humbug....guess we will not be visiting there again (as a family). Nate said there were too many people (silly guys).  Other then that Nate and I are just enjoying watching Reese grow and become quite the little spitfire with her high squeals and having preferences already (would much rather stand than sit since she has discovered that).

*Still enjoys making bubbles
*Seems to develop a new sound every day
*Still a great sleeper at night (getting better with naps)
*Loves to smile and hear her own voice
*Gripping rattles and other toys
*Loves putting everything in her mouth. 
*Rolling over from back to stomach.

3 Months...could not get a smile out of her

Bumbo with the tray addition! She loves knocking the toys on the ground

Eating Nate's nose

Still trying to grasp the whole bumbo thing

 At the wedding...Reese bonked her mouth on her fake mouth...

Typical family photo...right? =)

Hanging out in her pack and play....trying not to wake dad.

Hands are always in her mouth

Deciding on whether to cry or not

Fathers day gift to Nate's dad


Meeting Jack and Amelia (life long friends)

Excited to go to Lauren's graduation (I use to nanny her and now she is going to college) I am getting old

Miss Independent 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

11 weeks

Reese is getting so big, we are about to take our next road trip just her and me to the west side of the state to visit friends and family. This will be the first time that Reese gets to meet a lot of my family and a few of my close friends. She is developing quite the personality and is becoming quite the mamas girl =).  She is still a great sleeper at night and enjoys running errands and visiting with friends. She is always on her best behavior when we are out.  Below are a few recent pictures and a video (it is so hard getting pictures of her, so I have started to take videos of her to get her smiles and her squeals...still working on trying to get her to laugh, we practice every day =).
A few new accomplishments
*Lots of smiles
*Squeals when she is mad and happy
*Trying out new toys and grasping onto things
*Figuring out her tongue
*Blowing bubbles

Getting ready for bed

showing off her bibs (she enjoys spitting up and drooling) 

her new toy...still not sure what to think

Hanging out with dad...Nate loves pictures

Trying to bribe her to roll over

Hanging out 

On a friend date with Liam

Watching me make dinner

showing off her tongue

Yoga pose during tummy time