Friday, July 26, 2013

First Part of Summer

A month into summer, where has it gone? It has been pretty warm and Reese and I are a lot alike in the sense that we do not like to be hot! We tried to make it another summer to not get AC, but we have someone coming out tomorrow to give us a quote...pray that it is not too spendy =). Besides being hot, we have been trying to stay busy so we are not stuck at home all day every day.  We visited my family at the end of June, went to a friends BBQ on the 4th, had play dates with friends, and my cousin Molly came to visit for a few days with Layla and Faith. Reese had a blast with them (most of the time).

Reese is growing up so fast, crazy to think she is 16 months already. She had her 15 month checkup last week and she is a energetic, healthy little girl. Stats: Weighing in at 21 lbs. (30%) and is 32 in. tall (70%). She is still a pretty good little eater, but definitely content not eating as much. She is talking more and more.  Her newest words are "more, pwease (please), and cheese.  It is so fun watching her little personality come to life. She is strong willed and stubborn...not sure where she gets that? ;) She loves to be outside and enjoys torturing the dogs.  Some of her rides, being told "no" and being splashed with cold water.

Enjoying her first popsicle

Play date with Jack and Amelia while we were visiting the west side

One of our many outings to Target!

Playing at the park

Summer Project! Pergola!

Project #2 finished guest room/office

First encounter with corn on the cob!

                                           My niece Alaina! 16 weeks!                                               


Girls Night! Em (far left) is moving to Texas =(

Kelly's Bachelorette Party

4th of July

Sunday walk to Starbucks!

Visit from Molly, Layla, and Faith (breakfast kisses, CDA lake time!)