Saturday, October 18, 2014

6 Months

Avery girl is 6 month old and still our little peanut. She weighs 13.6 lbs (10%) and 25 3/4" (50%). She is still on her own curve.  She continues to be an amazing sleeper, sleeping 12-13 hours a night and still takes 3 naps (2 longer naps and 1 shorter nap).

She loves playing with her toys, laughing at her sister, jumping, growling, and rolling all over.  She is working on sitting for long periods of time and eating more and more baby food.  She loves her cereal and is starting to enjoy vegetables. This month we will attempt fruits and a sippy cup.

Avery still loves her thumb, but enjoys playing with her pacifier  She is talking more and more and is such a happy and content little one.  Cheers to half a year old Aves!

Halloween Jammies

Avery's first football game

sisterly love

Happy Girl

typical Sunday attire

running errands with mom

yummy vegetables

6 months!!

Loves her sister

Girls weekend in Leavenworth!

Molly and I decided to do a half marathon together back in February. I thought it would be a good  motivator to get back into shape after I had Avery.  I was wrong. I will say I made it through the run, but a tad disappointed in myself. It was my third half and my final. I will definitely be sticking to 10K and 5K runs from now on, much more manageable (especially with training with two little ones).

We did have a wonderful weekend visiting with the girls. Molly and her two girls (Layla and Faith), my mom, aunt, and me and the girls rented a house and had a great time.  Being in Spokane and all of my family on the west side, it is fun to have these visits, even though they are short.

Avery and Grammie


Reese enjoying Doritos after the race! (She rarely gets doritos)

Loving the hot tub

Me and Avers!


tummy time with Layla