Friday, July 8, 2016

Potty Training

Holy Cow, probably one of the worst things about being a parent. I absolutely despise potty training, not quite sure why, but I hate it.  I started potty training Avery the week after school got out and so far it has been pretty good.  I will say though she has had more accidents than Reese, not quite sure why. Maybe because she is so strong willed and has accidents to spite me, who knows =).

Also, Avery decided to start climbing out of her bed...big girl bed it is

Yay for potty training

First outing out of the house since potty training....success!

Sisters that pee together stay together right?

The Girls in Summer

Because of potty training and me being summoned to jury duty we have not done too much this summer, but the girls love playing outside and being goofy...cheers to the start of summer vacation!

"Mom, take a picture of me with all of my stuffed animals in my bed"

Sprinkler fun


Face painting at the local farmers market

Yay for summer =)


June was a blur, crazy with the last couple weeks of school and trying to fit everything in. The girls came to school with me for a day because our daycare was closed. They did great and had a great time. They love showing off, but at the end of the day they were exhausted and both fell asleep on the way home.

enjoying Ice cream sandwiches 

The last day of school was crazy. This was the first year that I got talked into joining a team for the golf scramble. It was a crazy time, and it reminded me of how much I have amazing coworkers and enjoy working with them =).

Lots of Amber and Beth selfies =)

Love ya Jan! Happy Retirement

Gotta love these ladies

Also did the color me rad run with Kathy, Jess, and Ty. We had a blast and got lots of color =).

Fathers day was pretty low key. Nate asked to sleep in and to watch sports, so that is exactly what he did =). The girls and I made breakfast (cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon), and made him a picture with chalk =).

Also the month of June has been a mini college reunion. Ricky and Lance came over for dinner and to watch basketball (always good to see them) and Chelsea came over for dinner and spent the night with her 3 boys. It is always good to catch up. Life gets crazy and it is hard to fit everything in, but so glad we are able to stay in touch.  The next week the girls and I went out to Loon lake to visit with another college friend Katie and her 3 kiddos and play in the lake for the morning. It was great to catch up and the girls had a blast playing.

Lance, Me, Ricky

Nate with Avery, Brody, Ryder (Chelsea's boys)

Reese, Gracie, Molly, Avery

Katie and Me


I am OLD, but enjoying my life so I cannot really complain about turning another year older =).  We signed Reese up for preschool and she will start in the fall at Whitworth. She is so excited and I am so excited for her.

Avery had her first trip to the dentist. My girls love the dentist and Avery (just like Reese) hopped right up on the chair and let the dentist and hygienist look in her mouth. So far so good.

My birthday was great. Started out with showing up to work with my office decorated by some of my lovely coworkers and then was showered with gifts the rest of the day by coworkers. I was spoiled. I treated myself to a spa afternoon with a facial and massage and then came home to the girls and Nate making dinner for me and a glass of wine waiting for me =). Ahhh....perfect.  Lori came into town for the draft and bloomsday so Nate, Lori and I went out to dinner and then preceded to act like we were 21 again and had a night on the town......we all were not feeling the best the next day.

My sister and Alaina came a couple weeks later to visit and Katie helped me decorate a bit. It was great to have some sister/cousin/niece time.




Some uncle Nate time =)

Painting party while dinner is being made

We take the same picture every year 

kissin' cousins 4, 3, 2 years old =)

Avery turns 2

Crazy to think that Avery girl is 2.  She is still so so so petite so it is hard for me to wrap my head around it.  She is 22 lbs. (3%) and 34 1/4 inches tall (55%). She wears 18 months- 2T and a size 4/5 shoes. She had a little bit of a growth spurt with her if we could just get a few more pounds on her =).  She loves having all attention on her, playing with her sister (and pestering her), playing with her grandparents, daycare, blankets, minnie mouse, playing outside, water, and her thumb.  She does not like eating dinner, small dogs or being left out.  My mom was in town to help celebrate her birthday with us. Here are a few pictures of her special day. Love you Aves.

Opening new clothes

So Big!

Goofy faces getting ready for Avery's party

Loves her minnie

Minnie Cake

new scooter and helmet

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Having my mom here, we did a little yard work and did my pots for the spring/summer =)