Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Months

It is official....we have an active little one on our hands. She has started moving...I like to call it a seal crawl, Nate calls it an army crawl. Reese is a determined little girl, now that she is on the move she of course likes to get into everything she shouldn't be =). Also, taking her out to eat is not as easy as it used to be, she likes to grab everything!

Reese is still a petite little thing. Everyone always comments on how much bigger she looks in pictures than in person. She is still in the 10% for weight, weighing in at 12 lb. 7 oz. She is such a fun and happy baby though, she loves going places (although not a huge fan of car rides right now) and seeing people. Nate and I recently went to Seattle to visit family and to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, crazy to think. It was our first night away together without Reese. My mom was more than happy to watch her =).

I start back to work next week, a little nervous to leave all day, but she will be in good hands with Nate Monday through Thursday and with a friend of mine Renee on Fridays. Wish us luck (okay, really just me because Reese I am sure will be fine =)).

Some firsts this month:
*Swimming in the lake
*Going on a boat

*Started vegetables (sweet potatoes and yams so far...she isn't quite sure what to think of them, but I mixed them with some cereal and she seems to enjoy them better)
*A lot more vocal (loves to scream and "talk" to anyone that is around)
*Loves the dogs and now that she can move...the dogs are not quite sure what to think of her.
*Sitting up (for short periods of time)
*Loves kids
She loves her seahorse

Happy Girl 5 months

Hanging out with Nate and the Snoqualmie Tap Room

"Playing" with Amelia

Reading her new book from Kiesha

Always interested in remotes

5 months

Holding her bottle

All ready for bed

Happy girl in the mornings

First time on a boat

Lounging at the beach

Loves her activity center

Loves her glow worm