Saturday, August 16, 2014

4 Months

Happy 4 months sweet Avery. Avery has been such a joy. I cannot get over what a calm, chill baby she is. She is so content all of the time and absolutely loves her sister.  Avery loves to watch her sister and Reese loves an audience these days so its nice.  So far, Reese has been the only one to get Avery to laugh.

Avery loves bath time, continues to love tummy time, enjoys going on walks and loves playing with her feet/toes.  She has mastered rolling over both ways and enjoys grabbing anything and everything that is close in her reach.

Avery's 4 month stats
11.9 lbs (10%)
24" (50%)

***I was not able to take many pictures because my phone is having issues, but here are a few of our precious little girl
swinging for the first time

4 Months!


Loves her feet these days