Saturday, November 24, 2012

8 Months

Our little Reese monster is turning into quite the independent little girl. A lot of firsts this month. She and I went to Portland for a girls shopping trip weekend. She did amazing on the plane and overall was a great little girl spending three days shopping (It helps to get a ton of attention =)).

She has started pulling herself on furniture and in her crib, and every day is getting more and more brave and letting go of the furniture with one hand. Reese also likes to feed herself.  She is not a very picky eater, but still does not care for green beans.  Reese has also started waving....she waves to everyone =)

We had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving with Nate's family. Reese had a lot of firsts with food. She tried cranberries, turkey and dressing....she loved them all.  Looking forward to see her over the Christmas Holiday Season and seeing how she reacts to all of the hustle and bustle, lights, family gatherings, and presents.

helping mom cook


Determined little girl

Playing with her toys

Sleeping on our shopping trip

Hanging out with Melissa for the first time


Waving and standing in her crib...she is so proud of herself

8 months

Going on a walk...Thanks Kels for my nice, warm outfit

Friday, November 2, 2012


Short post this month, since I was so late with the 6 month post. We are still adjusting as a family to me going back to work full time. Paperwork has finally started to slow down so that has been nice, now trying to make it to the gym more...time to get back to it =). Reese is as busy as always, getting around the house more and more. We started meats this past week, so far she is not a big fan, but still loves her vegetables and fruit. We are excited to see what this month has in store for us......a few pictures of course.
After a bath

Relaxing watching TV

The pumpkin patch

After a walk with Kelly

7 months

Not a big fan of chicken

Riding Megs

Cheering on the Packers

Sporting shoes from Kels

Happy Halloween