Thursday, December 27, 2012

9 Months

Yay for the holidays! It has been so fun watching Reese stare in amazement at all the lights and presents. She celebrated 3 Christmas' (with Nate's family, My dad's side of the family, and also my mom's side of the family).

Some firsts this month. She is now feeding self mostly at every meal.  Her new food loves are eggs, bread and veggie burgers. She still enjoys her oatmeal, fruits, veggies, cheese and yogurt.

After 4 months of doing the army/seal crawl she has finally started to "normal" crawl. She is a very vocal little girl and God only knows what she will be like when she actually starts talking. She is still quite the mamas girl and loves to be around me every chance she gets. She says mama and dada (so cute to hear her say that). Another lovely first of hers is her love of the word no (j/k) when you tell her no, she usually screams and throws a little tantrum (right now they are pretty cute and kind of funny).

Cheers to another month and a new year!!!! Sorry for the amount of pictures....=)

Reese with the pups

Reese with Nate (she loves being on his shoulders)

Our little book nerd =)

Family Picture

Santa Picture (loved playing with his beard)

Her new love...taking all of her clothes out of her drawers

Dinner date with Rachel

Her first Christmas sugar cookie

Playing with Grammie

Some of her cousins (Miley, Kellen, and Grayson)

Opening a present with Paca 

Her first bike

Opening a present with Nate (Bengals headbands)

Faith helping Reese

Outfit with my grandparents

hanging out with great grandpa

Her new princess chair from Lori

Her bike put together

Her pottery barn chair from Nate's parents

Opening new jammies