Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

Like usual, Nate works on New Years, so the girls and I had a party =). We made a cake, made pizza, played and watched a movie =). Girls were in bed by 9! Cheers to 2015!

Watching her cake bake


Eating her pizza she made

Avery chilling with her bottle!

Cheers to 2015!!!!


I love this time of year, Nate on the other hand is a bit of a bah-humbug, but surprisingly this year he was great (I think the girls have something to do with that =)). Avery was excited about the paper and just "stuff" that was around and Reese loved everything! It was so fun watching her open presents.  Both girls received lots of toys/books/crafts so we cleaned out and donated 3 boxes of toys. It always feels so good to clean house =).

Avery got a Fox piggy bank from Santa

yay presents!

so excited about her hello kitty flashlight

A talking Doc McStuffins!

Jess had two friends in town for Christmas....they had the coolest presents for the kids, snowballs!!!

Avery sporting her new hat

Amazing sugar cookies made from a bakery in California! Thanks Jen and Tish!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I absolutely love being a parent, but especially love being a parent this time of year....This year Christmas Eve was just the 4 of us. The girls opened up presents from us, and tomorrow morning it will be all about Santa =).

Finished her advent calendar

Avery and her LeapFrog doggie

Reese and her new minnie mouse bike helmet

So animated and excited!!!!

Santa has arrived!

Santa Pictures

Avery was not phased and Reese walked right up to Santa =).

All the cousins (Reese 2 1/2, Avery 8 months, Faith 5, Layla 8, Alaina 1 1/2)

Avery and Reese

Christmas on the West Side

Christmas on the West Side is always the weekend before Christmas.  It is always great to spend time with my family, but always seems to go by so fast.  The girls had a great time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We had lots of good food, fun memories, and presents for the girls.  This time of year is so much fun!!

Christmas with My Dad, Darcie, The Lentz Family, The Vrieze Family, and the Washington Family.

Miley meeting Avery for the first time

Easton and Avery playing

Reese having a dog pile with Kellen and Grayson

The attempt to get a Christmas picture with all of the cousins (Grayson 2 1/2, Kellen 5, Reese 2 1/2, Avery 8 months, Alaina 1 1/2, Miley 8, Easton 8 months)

Family Picture =)

Opening presents

Christmas with my Mom's side of the family

Avery with Faith

snuggles with Aunt Kay

Grammie with the girls

Reese and Mom selfie!

A gumball machine from Grammie

Another Christmas Family Picture =)

putting on a dance show of course

The girls and I also went to visit Santa while we were on the West Side....

Reese sending a letter to Santa

Layla and Reese

Faith, Alaina, Reese, and Layla

decorating Christmas cookies at Auntie Kay's

8 Months

Avery is always on the move....quite the army crawler these days.  She loves her solids (only likes vegetables though if they are mixed with fruit). She is still trying to decide if she likes meat, but overall is a great eater.  She has adjusted to two naps and is still an amazing sleeper (about 12-13 hours at night and 1-2 hour naps).
Loves:   bathes, her sister, talking, playing with her toys, and crawling.
Dislikes: vegetables, sitting (although she is getting more tolerant), and loud obnoxious toys that move.

sisterly love
 bath time

8 months

Family Pictures

It's that time of year again!  Reese 2 1/2, Avery 7 months