Saturday, January 2, 2016


When we decided to put our house on the market in June, we were both ready for change. Our house sold in 3 weeks and we found a house right away (granted I looked at probably over at least 100 houses online, but we only saw 3 houses in person)  We saw this house and Nate saw the potential, it took me a little bit, but I agreed to put in an offer.  The house was built in 1989 and sits on almost an acre.  The house is about 2800 square feet and it is the perfect layout for our family. 
This house has a lot of potential and slowly we are adding our own touch.  The first update we decided to do was put new carpet in the girls' area. My mother in law painted the upstairs so the girls' area is complete (until we update it more such as new windows, bathroom, doors and baseboard....a few years down the road).  

Reese's Room

Avery's Room

Girls' Bathroom

Girls' Play area

The next project was our kitchen. If it wasn't for my dad and father in law we would have never purchased this house. The kitchen needed a lot of help.  All we have left to do in this phase is add grout and paint to the kitchen. Next phase of the kitchen is to add new pantry doors, baseboard and to refinish the floors.
                                                                                                                     cabinets taken out

                                 New window

New kitchen

 Every other room is slowly coming along. Next projects would be to update the windows, refinish the hardwood floors, paint, and redo the basement =)

November and December 2015

Life is slowly starting to slow down...kind of, it definitely is true that as you get older time goes by faster. I am way behind on my blog updates so this one will be a combination of the last couple of months.

Having two weeks off I was hoping to accomplish more,  but oh well, it will happen eventually right? =).  I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016. We are looking forward to working on our house more and enjoying our family and friends! Cheers!!!

The girls and I celebrated New Years Eve by making a fort, eating pizza, making banana chocolate chip cake, coloring our 2016 sign, and watching Inside Out =)

December was a crazy month filled with lots of holiday festivities including making cookies, taking the journey to the North Pole cruise in CDA, making our trek to Seattle to celebrate the Christmas the weekend before Christmas with my family and decorating gingerbread houses. While we were there it was great, however the drive there and back were crazy.....7 hours there and 11 1/2 hours home (hoping next year will be better, but if not we will wait and go when the weather is better).  Reese had so much fun this year with Christmas and was so excited to open everything that she got (she is truly a thankful child) so much fun to watch. Avery is still getting use to the whole opening present thing, but loves all of her new stuff.

Christmas Eve with Nates side of the family

Decorating Christmas cookies with cousins

My mom and Paul had all 7 grand kids spend the night

Reese loving her Frozen puzzles at my dad's house

My dad made Reese a mirror for her bedroom

Miley helping Avery open her presents

Exchanging gifts with Alaina

Cheers to sisters and holidays!

The Santa cruise with a coworker and her little girl, it was cold, but the girls had a blast

Breakfast with Santa and a movie, we watched the minions =)

Decorating Gingerbread houses with the cousins

Visit with Santa at the mall, Reese told Santa she wanted books and Avery wanted a baby doll

Christmas Jammies that Sparkle Girl the elf brought

Avery hanging out with grandpa the day after Thanksgiving he came over to work on our kitchen some more

We hosted Thanksgiving this year in our new house with 16 people!! It was great and so much fun, although of course I forgot to take pictures =(.

Thanksgiving Family Picture

I got to have a little girls trip away with family in Portland for a night, to shop and hang out. Always a great trip =).


Reese and I had a girls date with Nate's mom, sister, and our niece Mikayla. We took the girls to see Frozen Disney on Ice, even though Reese was sick she absolutely loved it.

Frozen Disney on Ice