Thursday, April 24, 2014


Easter festivities were definitely short and sweet for the Stultz household.  We went over to Nate's sisters house for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Reese had a blast. She was so proud of herself when she found an egg...especially the ones that had candy in them.

Easter outfits

Jessica holding Avery

On the hunt for eggs!

Avery Loghan is here!!

Avery Loghan came into this world 9 days early. Born on April 16, 2014 at 6:42 pm 7 lbs. 1 oz. 20 inches long. She gave us a couple false alarms, but it was all worth it.

Birth Story
I went back to work after Spring Break for Monday and Tuesday and Tuesday night I just was not feeling myself so I decided to be done working.  I was having constant pain/cramping early Wednesday morning, but I decided to let Nate and Reese sleep. We ended up going to the triage around 9 in the morning and of course I was showing signs of labor, but was not in active labor so they sent me home at 10:30.  2 hours later I started having contractions every 3-4 minutes at home. I waited 2 hours before I called to see if I should go back in because I did not want to be sent home again.  When I called, they told me to come in if I thought the contractions were getting stronger.  I began throwing up from the contractions so I knew that it was "go" time.  By the time we got to the hospital (they admitted me) and to my room, I was ready for the epidural.  After the epidural I did not have much time.  Avery was born about an hour later.  I look back and it was overall a pretty easy labor.  Totaling about 6 hours.  I progressed so fast that I did not have time to go through 2 bags of antibiotics, so Avery and I had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights.  Nate stayed the first night with us, but went home on the second night to spend time with Reese.  We had a few visitors in the hospital which helped the time pass quickly.

Avery has been pretty easy so far, doing what most newborns do, eat, sleep, poop, and cry once in awhile when she is hungry or not quite sure what she wants.  Her 10 day check up is tomorrow so I am curious how she is doing on her weight. Reese struggled with breast feeding, but I think Avery is doing a lot better than Reese ever did. Hoping her weight gain shows that.

Reese is such a wonderful big sister. She loves to give her kisses and watch her, she does not quite understand why she sleeps so much though.  Since having Avery I realize how busy of a little girl we do have =). Always on the move.

Minutes old

chubby snuggles

Mommy and Avery Photo

Reese meeting Avery for the first time

morning snuggles

1st bath, Avery did not cry once

chillin' at home

38 weeks

38 weeks, thought little girl would come during my spring break, but apparently she has a different plan. My body is so ready to be done! Hoping she will come some time this week so I do not have to be induced on Friday....we shall see =).

We did have a productive Spring Break though, Reese has successfully been potty trained. I was so worried after day 2 that she was not ready, but on Day 3 she was finally starting to get it =).  She still has the occasional accident, but overall she is doing amazing!.

38 weeks

Reese's first outing after being potty trained. Going to the dentist for the first time!

Easter painting project!

Reese on the "big" potty