Saturday, May 27, 2017

Avery turns 3 and Easter!

Craziness that Avery is 3 and also that her birthday happened to land on Easter. She did not mind one bit. The day was about her.  We had Nate's family over for brunch and an Easter egg hunt. Reese found the "10 dollar golden egg."  Avery loved opening presents and loved everything she got. With my family across the state, the girls always get a slew of presents that are mailed as well. Both girls love checking the mailbox during the week of their birthday to see if any packages arrived =).

Avery's treats she brought to daycare to celebrate her birthday

Decorating Easter eggs

Easter Baskets

10 dollar egg!!!

Pouting because she cannot find any eggs =)

Avery is quite the character these days. She can definitely be a challenge (especially around meal times, dinner mainly) but she is also the type to tell you she loves you 500 times a day.
She loves: fruit snacks, her family, minnie mouse, skipping, playing outside, watching Reese at dance class, shopping, and "B" her blanket, and going on hikes.

Dislikes: meal time (especially dinner), bugs, losing out on things, car washes =)

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